Escape Memoirs – Mini Stories: Will There Be Achievements? (Find Out!)

Here you can check if there are going to be Achievements in Escape Memoirs - Mini Stories!

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“Escape Memoirs: Mini Stories” is a set of puzzle scenarios for 1–5 players that are like escape rooms. In each story, you’ll have to solve different puzzles to find a way out.

In this guide, we will be talking about the achievements in the game. Let’s get started.

Will There Be Achievements? (Find Out!) – Escape Memoirs – Mini Stories

Escape Memoirs is a brand new game that has just been out on the market. Is it the first game of the developers and they are experimenting as they are developing the game.

Players have been wondering though since it is a pretty challenging and extremely fun game, will there be achievements in the future?

We will give you the answer to that question with a couple of words from the developers themselves:

‘’To answer your question, yes, there will be achievements added in the not too distant future.

Because this is our first game and there will be other situations added in the future, we need a little bit more time to figure out precisely how we are going to execute some of those scenarios.

Therefore, because of the way we utilize achievements, they will be unlocked in a backwards-compatible manner. Therefore, whenever we include them into the game, loading a previously saved game will allow you to immediately have access to all of those for which you are eligible.

If you are currently playing through the game and have located all of the hidden items, then all that is required of you is to save your progress immediately before the credits roll. After the patch that contains the achievements has been released to the public, you will just need to load that save file in order to effortlessly unlock them.’’

So as you can see, there will be indeed achievements in Escape Memoirs – Mini Stoies. We hope that this guide has helped you out and given you the answer that you were looking for. Have fun achieving all of the achievements!

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