Check out Arthur LvL 25 Melee/Aura Build in Evil Dead: The Game!

Evil Dead: The Game is one of the best and biggest surprises of 2022. It’s a fantastic multiplayer experience that has a lot of quirks and unique features to stand out against other asymmetrical titles. This horror title offers two aspects, being survivors or evil incarnate. There are several characters with different abilities. Gamers can play it in co-op more or enjoy customizable local matches.

In this guide, we will show you Arthur LvL 25 Melee/Aura Build in Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead the Game: Arthur LvL 25 Melee/Aura Build

Follow the steps below to make Lord Arthur a melee powerhouse supporting his allies in close-range combat and buffing them at the same time while he is able to sustain low fear levels and increase the whole team’s damage output.

Arthur is unique in a couple of ways. First and foremost he will start with a very functional broadsword, his initial weapon is the blade which also gets buffed when he’s using his active ability and because he’s the leader he has an aura that gives buffs to his allies.

Lord Arthur’s Abilities

  1. The Lord’s Wrath – When activated, this ability increases the damage inflicted by your melee attacks and those of your nearby teammates, in addition to reducing fear levels. If Lord Arthur has a sword, he inflicts extra damage.
  2. Weapon Master: Heavy Attacks – You and all teammates within the aura’s radius deal increased damage with heavy melee attacks. Start the match with a sword.
  3. Weapon Master: Light Attacks – You and all teammates within the aura’s radius deal increased damage with light melee attacks.
  4. Fuel the Fire – If you perform a finisher while the Lord’s Wrath is active, the ability lasts longer.

Skills nodes

  • Great Influence – Increases the range of your aura skill. It reaches 15 meters when you max this skill at tier 4.
  • Cardio – Reduces the stamina cost of sprinting. It is so useful because it will make you run for a really long time. Upgrade it to the max.
  • Arcane Knowledge – Increase the range you can detect objective items. This is not important. Upgrade only 1 tier just to continue with the skill tree to the right.
  • Quicker Cooldown – Reduces the cooldown time of your active skill. It is so important skill that will reduce your cooldown time by 10% at the max tier.
  • Master of Influence 0 Strengthens the effects of your aura. This will get you 20% additional damage output on top of your already 30% which is pretty insane.
  • Arthur Dodges – Reduces the stamina cost of dodging. It is good, but you might get it because there are no better alternatives in the second node line.
  • Industrial Strength – Increases maximum health. Very important to maximize your health by 20% at tier 3 which is so beneficial in the combats if you want to be tankier.
  • Seeing Stars – Increases the balance bar damage from your melee attacks.
  • Devastating Force – increases melee weapon damage that will give you 15% damage output on tier 4.