Evil Dead the Game: Warrior Ash Best Melee Build Lvl 25

Check the best Warrior Ash Melee Build in Evil Dead the Game!

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Evil Dead the Game is filled with different classes, all of these classes have their own abilities and perks. The Warrior Ash is a melee damaging class that can punch a great blow once he has reached level 25. Completing objectives and killing monsters can be done easily with the proper build and skill tree.

This guide will show you how to create the best Warrior Ash Melee build in Evil Dead the Game.

Evil Dead the Game: Warrior Ash Best Melee Build Lvl 25

The unlockables that Ash can obtain via leveling are:

  • Wiseman’s Potion (When activated, this ability will grant you health restoration, fear reduction, increased damage dealing and reduction of damage received)
  • PASSIVE: Shield Blast (Each time your shield loses a bar, it triggers an explosion, damaging any nearby enemies)
  • Finish Strong (After Ash kills an enemy with a finished he recovers part of his shield bar)
  • Weapon Master: Chainsaw ( The Chainsaw has a faster attack speed and deals increased health, balance bar and dismemberment damage)

Here is a list of the main skills that you need to use for your skill tree. This skill tree is focused mainly for Ash having increased melee damage and getting as close as possible to a finisher.

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