Fastest way to get Glurch Figurine: Core Keeper

Killing Glurch the Abominous Mass in the fastest way possible is amazing!

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Glutch the Abominous Mass is a giant yellow slime boss that jumps around his arena and will try to kill you. Killing Glurch will take some time, and if you wish to obtain his Figurine, you will need to spend a lot of time in order to obtain it.

This guide will help you find the fastest way possible to kill Glurch the Abominous Mass and obtain his Figurine in Core Keeper.

Fastest way to get Glurch Figurine: Core Keeper

Once you reach the arena, you want to set up a small area filled with spike traps and in the center of the spike traps, leave a plain block where you can place a Glurch boss summoning item.

Killing Glurch will award you with unique loot that you can equip your character with, and you will also have a chance to obtain the Glurch Figurine.

To spawn Glurch, you will need to have a “Giant Slime Summoning Idle”. Simply place the item in the middle and when the spikes jump up, they will kill him in two hits.

Once the boss dies, he will drop a chest that you need to break and get the loot. Lucky for you, the spikes will do that job also, your job is to place the item and collect your loot.

After a few tries, you will obtain the Glurch Figurine from the boss.

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