FOBIA: Can you Skip Cut-Scenes (Find Out!)

Time to find out if you are able to skip the cut-scenes in FOBIA.

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FOBIA is a First-Person Point of View game where you need to explore a hotel and follow the story that the game has to offer. As you explore most of these areas, you will encounter cut-scenes that usually can last much longer and be annoying at times.

This guide will show you if you are able to skip cut-scenes in FOBIA.

Can you Skip Cut-Scenes (Find Out!) – FOBIA

Cut-Scenes are interesting to many players when they first begin playing the game, most of the players even avoid skipping the cut-scenes as they may miss some important information about the game and the overall story.

Unfortunately, in this game, there is no possible way to skip these cut-scenes, players who have repeatedly begun the game from the start are slowly getting annoyed by the fact that they need to look at the same cut-scene over and over again.

Maybe developers in the near future will add a button that you can press and hold to skip a cut-scene or just simply press any button for it to be skipped.

Skippable cut-scenes are great if you want to play the game more and not care about what’s going to happen in it.

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