FOBIA – St. Dinfna Hotel: Chess Puzzle Guide

Read this guide and learn more about the Chess Puzzle from the St. Dinfna in FOBIA.

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FOBIA has included many different puzzles and quests. That’s a normal thing for all the other games as well. One of the things that make this scary game unique and cool is the chess puzzle that you’ll be able to play after you find the White Queen in the upcoming levels. To do that faster, find the queen and play the short chess game so you can open the safe follow the instructions given in this guide, and save your time for the other exciting things.

Chess Puzzle Guide – FOBIA – St. Dinfna Hotel

1. White Queen Location

You’ll find the lost White Queen once you automatically get yourself in the Mezzanine q on the 9th floor of the Hotel. That’s right in front of the Mezzanine 2 door.

Open the box on the tale to get the queen and the other item from inside.

2. Chessboard location

This one will be located on the 7th floor on the small table stick to the wall.

Put the White Queen on the chessboard and open the drawer that’s under and collect the item from inside.

3. Time For Chess

Play like this once you have started the game so you don’t need to make many moves and win:

 Congratulation! You’ve opened the big safe under the chess board and earned the Grandmaster Trophy!

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