FOBIA – St. Dinfna Hotel: Jonisvaldo Trophy Guide

Time to earn one more trophy in FOBIA! This guide will help you to earn the Jonisvlado Trophy. Let’s start!

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As we all know, FOBIA is a horror-scary game that has many puzzles and quests that need to be done and solved. After you do all that you will get plenty of trophies. One of those trophies is the Jonisvlado Trophy that you will be able to get after doing several things numbered in this guide. Follow the instructions written in this article and learn how to earn this trophy in FOBIA.

Jonisvaldo Trophy Guide – FOBIA – St. Dinfna Hotel

Start from the 6th floor in room 610 of the St. Dinfna Hotel.

Go closer to the table and zoom the camera on the pictures and photos located down on the table.

Get the one located behind them and you’ll earn the Jonisvlado Trophy by finding the drawing.

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