Fractured Online: Beginner’s Guide

Are you new to Fractured Online? Then check out this beginner’s guide!

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Get a headstart and become the best among the races in this beginner’s guide to Fractured Online – an open-world, sandbox MMORPG – the first of its own kind.  Learn the basics of knowledge points, mounts, skills, enchantment, survivability, and, other helpful tips in this guide to get ahead of other players, whether as a solitary hero or the next biggest empire.

In this guide, we will tell you everything about Fractured Online!

Beginner’s Guide – Fractured Online

Knowledge Points (KP)

Knowledge points or KP are in-game resources used to unlock skills and obtain talent points.

These can be obtained when you explore a New Hotspot, interact with a New Resource, or kill enemies which you have not gained full knowledge about.

Because of these mechanics, obtaining KPs are limited. In order to maximize your earning of KP, the best strategy would be to kill all the enemies indicated the Bestiary of the Book of Knowledge during the tutorial and reach 100% Knowledge Progress on each one.

This will give you a huge KP boost when you leave the tutorial.


When you are done with the tutorial, the next thing you need to find is a mount.

Finding a mount early on in the game will make travelling a lot easier when doing quests. Fortunately, in the start off location, free roaming horses are nearby.

In order to tame those horses, you need to make animal nets.

To equip these, put the animal nets on your action bar and toss them at a horse.

A few attempts and animal nets may be needed in order to tame a horse.

Once tamed, equip the horse by right-clicking it in the inventory and mount it by pressing the A key.


As mentioned earlier, skills are unlocked using KPs. Skills can be unlocked by beating enemies and reaching thresholds in the Book of Knowledge which can be attained depending on the number of skills you can unlock from a specific enemy.

For instance, the Crazy Pyromancer have four skills you can unlock. Each skill can be unlocked by 20%, 40%, 60% and 80% Knowledge Progress, respectively.

Meanwhile, enemies like the Young Wolf have only 1 skill that you can unlock at 40% Knowledge Progress.

Unlocking these skills while travelling requires you to rest at a fireplace.

This would allow you to put the skill into one of your presets.

Presets let you change your play style according to your own liking and enables you to play any role in the game.


Play styles require equipment. However, equipment are nothing if not given the right enchantments.

Each equipment has a certain amount of enchantment slots that are related to specific traits in enchantment reagents.

 Each trait is shown with a number on each enchanting reagent.

To begin enchantment, visit an enchantment table then place the equipment in the middle.

This action enables you to see the possible enchantments you can put on your weapon or armor.

The traits that enchanting reagents should have can be found under each enchantment so you have to put the right material in and fill each trait with at least 2 points.

For example, enchanting a staff for increased critical chance needs traits Soul, Create, Chaos, and, Order.

Eiceball Grapes, an enchanting reagent, can be used since it has the traits Mind 1, Create 3, and, Order 2, therefore fulfilling two of the four traits for the critical chance enchantment. Putting two more enchanting reagents to fulfill Chaos and Soul would prompt you that the enchantment can now proceed.

A hot tip for enchantment is to collect Mandrake Roots whenever you can. This reagent has great traits!


One of the most important aspects of almost every game is how to stay alive. Taking down enemies in Fractured Online, especially when you are just starting out, needs a constant supply of bandages.

Luckily, these are common and are easy to find.

Some enemies do not only come with physical damage but poison and diseases.

These are countered by an herbal remedy that can be crafted by combining Bitterleaf with either Bloodvein, Lavender, or Dandelion.

Should you be poisoned or diseased, just use herbal remedy and be instantly cured.

Other Tips

These tips will cover the quality-of-life improvement aspect of the player rather than survival skills enhancement. Some other factors that you need to pay attention to as a new player are the following:


  • Next to the health and mana bars are two more bars indicating your hunger and energy. Fill up your hunger bar by consuming an item with satiety. Meanwhile, energy is filled up by resting at a campfire.

Splitting Stacks

  • To split stacks of a particular item, press the CTRL key while dragging the item away from the stack.


  • Decluttering your inventory can be done by using bank chests which can be found in each city. Money can also be deposited here which can be accessed from any city in the world. Items, however, can only be accessed in the city where they had been left.

Weapon Swapping

  • Weapons can be swapped easily within the three slots on your character window by pressing the TAB key.

Faster Routes

  • Without your mount, there are certain roads you can take for faster movement.
    • Dirt road: +15% movement speed
    • Paved road: +30% movement speed

Team up

  • If you ever face difficult enemy, and for whatever reason, dies constantly, do not be afraid to ask for help from other players. This is an MMORPG after all.

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