Check out this guide to find out if you can save in MultiPlayer in Frozenheim!

Frozenheim is a strategy video game where you will colonize your tribe and build a city which will provide for you and make you stronger. In this strategy game, you will be fighting against other players in multiplayer mode. All players are scattered around a map and will begin building their bases. The last one standing with a base and troops wins!

This guide will show you if you can save in Multiplayer.

Can you Save in Multiplayer? – Frozenheim

Multiplayer games are known for not being able to pause a game or save it. This same rule applies to multiplayer Frozenheim. Once you have started a match, you will need to fully play it if you want to save the progress that you have made.

Each game needs to be played in 1 sitting and cannot be saved at all. So you must play it until the end, if you decide to disconnect, your troops and workers will turn into bots and complete the game for you, but you will not get any additional rewards after the game.

But if you happen to be the host of a multiplayer match, you are able to save and close the current game. After that, once you are prepared to begin playing again, you as the host need to call back your friends to play the game and load it up.

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