Garden Simulator: How to Remove the Cat

The Cat in Garden Simulator continues to bother you as you do your everyday activities? Check out this guide to solve your problems!

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Garden Simulator is all about peace, quiet, relaxation, and enjoying some nice gardening. This all can be ruined by the presence of an annoying animal around you.

This annoying animal is none other than the Cat that will be following you around and blocking your path. Let’s see How to remove it from your way.

How to Remove the Cat – Garden Simulator

If you start looking around on YouTube comments or Steam posts you will notice that players have this issue:

  • Can you add something that will keep the cat away? Or a way to get rid of it altogether? It’s always in the way, so I have to keep mowing it down or watering it because it’s always in the way.

Well, it looks like players are struggling with the cat.

There is no way to actually get rid of the cat at this point in the game.

Even the developer has said that it isn’t possible but that he is working on something in the future that will be specifically made out of the annoying cat. Possibly a bad that the cat can sleep in.

Until then, you will have to use fences or stones to block the cat from getting in your path and annoying you.

That is all! We hope that this guide has provided you with some help and peace from the annoying cat in Garden Simulator. Have fun blocking it!

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