Genshin Impact: All Sumeru City Riddle Solutions

Want to figure out all the Sumeru City Riddles in Genshin Impact? Check out this guide to find out!

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Genshin Impact has recently come out with the 1.5 Patch. This patch has given players a ton of different content, one being the Riddles in Sumeru City. These riddles are interesting as they are quite hard and challenging for most players.

This guide will show you how to solve all the Sumeru City Riddles in Genshin Impact.

All Sumeru City Riddle Solutions – Genshin Impact

Board Location

The Board is the main thing that will start all the riddles. This board in Sumeru City can be spotted on Treasures Street.

Interact with the board to begin the first riddle.

Riddle 1

“In the light of alternating day cycles, one can see the homeward figure of the lighthouse on the bridge”.

This riddle will require you to obtain a box that is in the waters in Sumeru City. This box can be found under a bridge.

Riddle 2

“A mirror not made of glass reflects every drama”

To solve this riddle, you will need to head over to the Grand Bazaar and under one of the bridges where the fountain is located, you will find a wooden box.

Riddle 3

“The sole path to knowledge”

To solve this riddle, head over to The Akademiya and enter it. Once you are inside, continue going forward and enter The House of Daena.

Once you are there, go down the stairs, and under the bridge, you will find a wooden exquisite chest. Open up the chest to solve this riddle.

Riddle 4

“The flowers in the pond are blooming, with watery pearls they are lingering”

Teleport to this area on the map where the giant tree is located.

After that, drop from the south side of the balcony and glide to the lower floor.

As you glide to the lower floor, you will notice the wooden box in the corner of the pond. Simply interact with it to solve this riddle.

Riddle 5

“Please go to the door of the temple of knowledge at Noon”.

This riddle can only be solved once you have your timer at 12:00 at Noon.

Once your timer has been set up correctly, speak with Drusus about the riddle who is located on the east side of Sumeru City.

Once you’ve finally spoken with Drusus, you will collect the final riddle and all of the riddles in Sumeru City will be obtained.

With all riddles completed, you will be awarded with the “I’ve Got It! I’ve Got It!” achievement.

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