Genshin Impact: Danger All Around Domain Symbols Puzzle

Let’s complete the Danger All Around Domain Symbols Puzzle in Genshin Impact!

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One of the quests you have to finish in Genshin Impact is to complete the Danger All Around Domain Symbols Puzzle. It can sometimes be confusing because of the different colored symbols and their matching. To save your time and to do that properly follow the instructions given in this guide.

Genshin Impact: Danger All Around Domain Symbols Puzzle

The symbols on the platform will have different colors and images and to solve the puzzle you will need to match them together. Simply memorize the symbols in the middle area and use those to step onto.

While matching them you need to watch your steps because if you step on the wrong one you will take damage, so to solve the puzzle search and activate the symbols.

First, you will need to teleport yourself to the platform where all the symbols are written.

Once you’re there go from one side to the other and match the same symbols by tapping on them.

While you do the symbol matching be well prepared because in between you need to win some battles.

Be ready to operate The Lightshapers on the platform because they will shine unique beams upon the platforms that are opposite them.

The Lightshapers activate the large symbols on the platforms opposite them which is the key to solving the puzzle.

So match them, use the LightSshapers to activate the large symbols and do that until you activate them all.

Once you have done the same thing with all of the symbols you will solve the puzzle and finish the quest successfully.