Genshin Impact: Evermotion Mechanical Painting Inazuma 1

Here’s a quick guide on How to solve Evermotion Mechanical Painting Puzzle 1 from Inazuma in Genshin Impact!

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Right in Inazuma, The Land of Eternity, players can find another gear puzzle that has to be solved in order to unveil two mystery paintings. All you need to do is to play with some gears and place them in the right place to solve the puzzle.

Keep reading our article and find out how to solve the first Evermotion Mechanical Painting in Genshin Impact!

Evermotion Mechanical Painting Inazuma 1

To find this challenge, you will have to go straight to Ritou, Inazuma, where the Evermotion Mechanical Painting 1 is waiting for you.

The right location of the challenge in marked on the image below.

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Once you get there, you will find the painting covered with fabric. Interact with it and you will start the challenge.

If you want to solve this puzzle quickly and easily, we have prepared all the steps that you have to follow below:

  1. Swap Surface 1 with Surface 3
  2. Rotate Surface 2 three times
  3. Place the medium gear on gear column 1
  4. Put the second medium gear on gear column 2
  5. Place the large gear on gear column 3
  6. Insert large gear on gear column 4.

If you carefully followed these steps, then you will successfully solve the puzzle and reveal the picture. Below is the exact position of how the gears have to be positioned.

Simple as that, now is your turn to complete this challenge by following our guide. For more helpful articles like this, please stay tuned with us. Good luck!

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