Genshin Impact: How To Use Blanc Dynamic Card

Here's a guide about How To Use Blanc Dynamic Card in Genshin Impact!

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There is a new item that will allow you to physically purchase Dynamic Skins no matter where you are on the map. It is difficult to understand though.

In this guide, we shall explain to you on How to use this Blanc Dynamic Card. Let’s get started.

How To Use Blanc Dynamic Card – Genshin Impact

You will be having a Blanc Dynamic Card inside your inventory. You will need to select it while in it and then just click the button on the bottom right that says Use.

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Once you do so, you will get a whole new window with possibilities to open up. Here you will see all the skins that you might have in your possession, but with their dynamic effects. These are the effects meaning that the characters will actually be moving.

Once you are in this menu, you can scroll around and select a different type of dynamic skin of your choosing. When you are satisfied with one, just click the Purchase button. You will need to have some of the currencies needed though.

Now after you have purchased it, you will just go to your normal deck cards, select the character for which the card you have bought, and just select the Dynamic skin. It is as easy as that.

And that is how you get and use the Blanc Dynamic Card.

We hope that this guide has helped you out with what you needed to do and how to use the Dynamic Card. Have fun doing it yourself!

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