Check out this guide and discover How To Play The Peaks And Troughs Of Life, an event available on Day 1 at Genshin Impact!

Genshin Impact is a game filled with interesting adventurous events most of them combined with puzzles, mini-games and tasks you need to accomplish. One of them is Peak and Troughs of Life, which is an event in the game that asks for some extra effort. So if you don`t know how to play it read the text below and enjoy wining!

How To Play The Peaks And Troughs Of Life Day 1 Event Guide – Genshin Impact:

So as we`ve mentioned before this event will appear in early game and is combined with finishing 5 types of challenges.

So you`ll have the: Frenetic Explosive Shockwave, Verdant Vigor, Blazing Battle Spirit, Destructive High-Enthalpy, Merciless Glacial Ray.

For the first one you need to set up 3 teams for three combat rounds. All of the challenges will unlock day after day once you finish them.

Be careful who you`re going to choose, because stronger characters will give you a stronger chance for bigger rewards.

Another rule you need to know is to Buff Modules you choose, so you can use the Pressurized Impactor as well and be more active during the battle.

Every time you use the Pressurized Impactor you need to set up the pressure on the yellow area of the circle.

All of that is to get the perfect pressure and to aim better. To succeed you need to do the same procedure 3 times.

The better the pressure the better the attack.

Once you pass through all of the rules, be sure to choose the difficulty of the challenge that`s coming for you. (x1, x2, x4)

And let the fun begin! Be sure to choose the best characters you have, or at least someone who can combine their attack.

However, don`t forget the purpose of the challenge is to fill up the pressure at least for the first day of the event.

Frenetic Explosive Shockwave is done, but you need to get ready for the upcoming tasks that are going to be difficult each day,

Hope this guide helped you to learn something new about Genshin Impact, enjoy the challenge and stay tuned for more of this event!

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