Genshin Impact: Raid – Swift Assault Challenge Guide

Let’s dive into the Raid: Swift Assault challenge in the Reminiscent Regimen event in Genshin Impact!

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In Genshin Impact there has been a new event released which is called the “Reminiscent Regimen”. In this event, there are 6 different challenges that you can complete with random players around the world. Each day, a new challenge unlocks and rewards you with great materials and valuables.

This guide will show you all you need to know about the Raid – Swift Assault challenge in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: Raid – Swift Assault Challenge Guide

Head over to the Golden Apple Archipelago and interact with the Reminiscent Regimen pillar to begin one of the 6 different challenges. There you will also find the Raid: Swift Assault challenge that you can compete into.

Match with different players to begin the challenge. Once a match has started, you will be teleported on an island that is closed off.

After the timer preparation timer runs out, 4 boats will spawn on the water. Get onto the boat and begin going to your first marked location.

You will end up sailing towards some blue floating platforms where many monsters are going to spawn. Get to those monsters and defeat them as fast as possible. Also try to collect all the Reminiscence Tokens on the way, as it’s also part of your challenge.

There are 3 different stages that you need to complete. After finishing all the monsters in the first stage, you will get a mark to a next area on the map with different monsters and more Reminiscence Tokens.

Simply follow the yellow quest mark with your team and try to be as efficient as possible. Beat the timer and get the best score possible. After you’ve completed the challenge successfully, open up your Reminiscent Regimen menu with all the challenges and simply collect your rewards!

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