Blaze like a flower and beat your enemies.

Like the first two days of the Triumphant Frenzy Event, Day 3 dubbed Blazing Like a Flower, is a four-round fighting challenge. In the challenge, you need to defeat all opponents while using four characters per round. The Triumphant Frenzy Event is part of the Genshin Impact Version 4.4 content update.

In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about the Blazing Like a Flower Challenge and how to beat it.

Triumphant Frenzy Event Guide Day 3 In Genshin Impact

There are three difficulty levels in this round, and your reward depends on the difficulty you play. This guide focuses on helping you beat Day 3 in Pro Difficulty.

Round 1

For Round 1, there are three different types of enemies in this round. You have to beat six waves of enemies.

To beat this round easily, select the characters highlighted below:

Round 2

You have the option to choose two new fighters from a list of four characters. You will also be facing five different types of enemies in round two and ten waves of opponents.

For the area you need to choose new characters, check below for the ideal combination:

Your party should look like this:

Round 3

There are only three types of opponents to defeat. You also need to choose two new characters as shown below:

Round 4

For the final level, there are three different types of enemies and like the previous two rounds, you get to choose new characters.

Ideal new fighters to choose for this round:

Make sure your party selection looks like this before starting the round 4 battle:

By following the selections for each round, you essentially have a character with the right skills and abilities to complete the challenge.

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