Gift of Parthax: Can’t Start a New Game (FIX)

Struggling to figure out how to start a brand new game in Gift of Parthax? Check out this guide to solve your problem!

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Gift of Parthax is a 2D action arena game played from the top down. Customize your arsenal of many spells, fight the masters of the arena with their mythical beasts, and save your friend Veleus from the powerful mage Parthax.

You will be having so much fun that you will be starting new games over and over again. What happens if you can’t?! Well in this guide we will be showing you how to fix the Can’t Start a New Game issue. Let’s get started.

Can’t Start a New Game (FIX) – Gift of Parthax

You might have installed this amazing and very fun game and been having tons of fun. Then after a while, you will of course shut it down to take a good night’s rest so you can play more the next day.

But there’s a problem now. You open the game and you aren’t able to start a New Game anymore. What is the solution you might ask? Well, we got the answer for you.

Simply do this step by step:

  • In Steam, right-click the game in your Library, click Manage, and then click Browse Local Game Files.
  • Then, delete the “Streaming Assets” folder in the Gift of Parthax Data folder.
  • NOTE: This will delete any saves you already had, but you should be able to start a new game even if you have never opened this game before today.

And that is it! This is the easy solution to your problems.

We hope that this guide has served its purpose and helped you fix the can’t start a new game problem. If it didn’t help you out write down in the comments below what might be the problem and we will help you out in any way that we can. Good luck!

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