Gloria Victis: Horse Spawns

Let’s learn more about Horse Spawns in Gloria Victis!

Gloria Victis is a newly released medieval MMORPG in which you are going to explore the breathtaking and atmospheric open world pretty much familiar to the Witcher and Gothic series. Similar to many other games, you will need a mount that will help you travel faster around the world.

In this guide, we will show you the Horse Spawns in Gloria Victis!

Horse Spawns

If you are looking for a Horse in Gloria Victis, then you can easily find it all around the world map. There are a lot of locations where wild horses are spawning occasionally.

On the map below are shown all the locations where wild horses are spawning in Gloria Victis.

The moment when you find any wild horse on the map, you will have to play the mini game in which you have to tame the horse. To do that, go close to the horse and press “E” while unarmed. The mini-game will start and you need to click the direction indicated and achieve the highest combo.

Each click will cost you stamina, and if you miss any click, the combo counter will reset. Once you tame the horse, it will show its age and level statistics, and then you can name it. If you don’t like that particular horse, just press the red “X” and start searching for another better horse.

There is also another way to get a horse and it’s to purchase one from the player market. You can find there some of the best horses that other people are selling but it will cost you some cash.

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