Good Company: Beginner Tips & Tricks

Want to know some beginner tips and tricks for Good Company? Check out this guide to find out!

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Good Company is a company simulator game where you start from a humble office room and build a power supply factory. In this game you are the owner and the decisions you make will determine how well your company will run. Knowing the basic tips and tricks for owning a company will be great for having a successful future in front of you!

This guide will show you all the beginner tips and tricks for Good Company.

Beginner Tips & Tricks – Good Company

Basic Controls

When you start a game, you will need to be aware of the timer that you can use to save yourself some time and know when to pause the current gameplay progression if you want to do something important.

Look over on the top left side of the screen and you will notice some timer options.

Under that section, you will find the important tabs which are:

  • Construction
  • Work Zones
  • Employees
  • Markers

With these options, you can coordinate where your employees work and how to be more efficient. The construction button will be important as you will need to expand your company and make it as big and successful as possible.

On the bottom left side, you will find the mini-map. The mini-map can take you to different places around the map. Mainly used to get around areas much quicker.

The bottom-middle section on the screen is where your inventory and milestones section are. Here you can organize your working space and see how far you’ve managed to push your company.

The top right section on the screen is your company status. There you can see all your revenue, the happiness of the employees, and the activities that you will assign yourself and the employees to do.

At the top center part of the screen, you will find a lot of other interesting menus that are helpful for researching more for your company and even setting up the correct settings for the game.

You can control the area by right-clicking and mostly controlling everything with your mouse.


The zones are areas that you can expand or shorten. Zones can be mainly used to organize specific buildings and prepare a plan for building specific products.

Each zone has policies that you can research and boost up your zone production progress.

Adjust these policies to get more buffs in this zone to make production easier and faster.

How to Research

As you start the game, you won’t have many products that you can begin building. The research area is your place to begin learning new products that you can produce and sell to the people. This will help you grow your company and start earning more revenue even faster.

Here is a list of all the researchable products that you can research:

  • Small Cases
  • Robot Chassis
  • Power Supply
  • Electronics
  • Audiovisual
  • Motion Parts

Each research will cost you research points. You can earn these points by setting up analysis desks and destroying materials in exchange for research points.


Employees are human beings that have a happiness meter. The happier these employees are, the faster they will work. You will need to check up on all employees to make sure that they are happy and work efficient.

Hover over the happiness meter to see what the employees need.

Each Employee can get a skill point. This will specialize the employees to be more efficient in certain areas.

You can promote and research more skills for your employees, eventually until someone becomes a CEO.

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