Time to find out if you can play Multiplayer in Good Company!

Good Company is a company simulator game where you start from a humble office room and build a power supply factory. In this game you are the owner and the decisions you make will determine how well your company will run. Obviously, tagging along with some of your friends for extra business ideas is better than doing it alone!

This guide will show you if you can play Multiplayer in Good Company!

Can you play Multiplayer? – Good Company

By playing Multiplayer in this game, you will allow yourself to have a few more co-workers with you which can also be owners of the shop. This will help all of you run the business smoother and make smart decisions together.

To start playing multiplayer, simply go to the Freeplay game settings and press “Start as a Multiplayer Game” to begin a new Freeplay game with your friends.

Your friends can join the game by copying the game code that you send them or invite them through Steam overlay.

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