Good Company: How To Build And Place Conveyor Belts

This guide will show you How To Build And Place Conveyor Belts in Good Company!

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One of the things you can and need to do in Good Company is to build and place the Conveyor Belts. That option will be available in Milestone 3. If you are struggling and don’t know how to do them in the following text there will be an explanation that will help you to do that in the easiest way possible.

Let’s Build And Place the Conveyor Belts in Good Company!

How To Build And Place Conveyor Belts – Good Company

As I have said previously this option will be unlocked in Milestone 3.

Click here and after that select the construction button. Click on the third item and select the basic workbench which is available. You’ll need to put 2 Basic work benches and 1 Tinker table.

The Tinker Table will serve you to build Gears.

And set one of the Basic Workbenches to build rods.

The other one will use you to build the Conveyor belts.

Once you have set the preparation, click on the Logistic button and put the Metal and Plastic on the middle rolling table.

Then as well put the item from the first workbench you have placed on the one in the middle.

After you have done the connection between all of the built items, in logistics you’ll have your belts placed onto a shelf.

Next, select your workers in a specific position.

In the middle work select the conveyor parts from the Inventory table and get the belts from the shelf in your personal inventory.

After you do all that go back to logistics and build a menu so you can place conveyors.

In the beginning, you can create a 1long belt with 1 load and unload point. Or belt that has multiple loads and unloads pints.

If you go for the one with the multiple points you will be available to pack more densely.

Despite that, these conveyor Belts will for sure help your workers not to walk purposely and will make their job easier so they can focus on the main things.

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