GTA 5: How To Unlock New Props In Freakshop Hideout

It’s time to find out How to Unlock New Props in Freakshop Hideout in GTA 5!

As you complete the missions in GTA 5, you will be able to unlock some of the props in your Freakshop. If you want to learn more about unlocking new props, then stay with us because we have prepared everything you need about it.

This guide will show you How to Unlock New Props in Freakshop Hideout in GTA 5!

How To Unlock New Props In Freakshop Hideout

First of all, you will need to go inside your Freakshop and go to the small room that is actually a garage. Here can be found and unlock 4 new Props in Freakshop Hideout.

Labrat Papers

On the right side of the room, you will see a bench and a Labrat picture on the paper. To unlock this prop, you will need to collect the same papers with Labrat pictures in Last Dose Mission 3: Friedmind.

It’s one of the clues that you need to find in one of the labs in Dr. Friednlander’s headquarters.

4 Photos

On the left side of the garage in your Freakshop, you will see a red toolbox, and on top of it there are sitting 4 photos which are taken by a character in Last Dose Mission 2: Unusual Suspect.

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Have to take pictures of the pharmaceutical equipment, weapons, and crates which are clues about Labrat’s kidnappers.

Key chain, Key card, and Blue Object

Next to the toolbox, you will see a small drawer, and on top of it can be found a key chain, key card, and a blue object.

The key card can be found in Last Dose Mission 2, the Key chain from the Last Dose Mission 3, and the blue object can be found in Last Dose Mission 4.

Wooden crate with Friedmind Logo

Right next to the small drawer, you will see a small wooden crate which is the fourth clue that can be unlocked.

It can be found either in Last Dose Mission 5 where you have to hijack the cargo plane where you will find a lot of crates or in Last Dose Mission 2 where it stands on top of the medical equipment.

That’s it! Those are all the clues that can be unlocked with the Last Dose Missions, and if you haven’t got them yet, now you can easily find them by following our guide. Good luck!

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