GTA 5 Online: How To Find All Clues Locations In Friedmind HQ

Trying to find All Clues Locations in Friedmind HQ in GTA 5? Then check out this guide!

By completing the Last Dose Missions in GTA 5, you will be able to find a lot of clues, and some of them are part of the FriedMind HQ. If you can’t find all the locations with clues, then you are on the right spot because we have found all of them for you.

In this guide, we will show you How to Find All Clues Locations in Friedmind HQ in GTA 5!

How To Find All Clues Locations in Friedmind HQ

 As you follow the Last Dose Mission 3 where you already found the key card, you will get a notification to go to FriedMind HQ and continue searching for the rest of the clues where they are holding Labrats hostage.

You will need to get inside the building and clear all the guards without triggering any alarm. For the first goal, you have to go to the top floor where you are going to search for two things.

The first clue is a metal key ring which is spawning randomly, and most probably you will be able to find it on top of one of the desks in the laboratory.

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The second clue is a paper with a Labrats picture on it. It can be found in the main office where the doctor is murdered.

Once you are done on the top floor, you have to navigate down to the basement where you will meet Luchadora.

You can open the basement door by using the metal key that you found and you will be able to find Labrats. There will be a lot of guards, and you better put them all down before rescuing the Labrats.

While rescuing Labrat you will find Dr. Isiah Friedlander who is using the Labrats for his pharmaceutical drug trade empire.

Dr. Isiah will have his backup plan, and then suddenly the light will turn off. After a moment when the lights are back, you will see that he is gone. Now you just have to bring the Labrat into the vehicle, and drive it back to your Freakshop.

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