GTA 5 Online: How To Get Rare Custom Plate “Mindful” On Ocelot Virtue

Learn How To Get Rare Custom Plate ``Mindful`` on Ocelot Virtue in GTA 5 Online!

GTA 5 Online is a well-known racing and crime-oriented game now available in a better version. All the achievements you get during the lay will help you evolve forward and accomplish all of the upcoming and past quests.

In this guide, you`re able to learn how to get the rare custom plate known as “Mindful“ on Ocelot Virtue. Let’s start!

How To Get Rare Custom Plate “Mindful” On Ocelot Virtue

It`s hard to notice and this guide it`s just a small warning to give you a lead so you `don’t sell the plate for another one because it`s custom-made. Because it`s a rare plate I suggest you keep it!

And you won`t even notice how you got it!

All you need is to complete all of the 5 Toast Missions in the game you`ll notice the custom plate on Dr. Friedlander`s car named “Mindful“. Simple as that.

Hope this guide helped you to learn some useful info about GTA 5 Online and don’t forget to enjoy the game!

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