Learn how to unlock the Frontier Outfit and know all the shipwreck locations in GTA 5 online here.

GTA 5 Online is a multiplayer action-adventure game that allows up to 30 players to explore its open world – the fictional state of San Andreas. The game is the online component of Grand Theft Auto V.

Like its predecessors, players can customize their characters according to their tastes. To add more fashionable items to your wardrobe, read through this guide to know how to unlock the Frontier Outfit and find out all the shipwreck locations here.

How to Unlock the Frontier Outfit & All Shipwreck Locations with Map In GTA 5 Online

To unlock the Frontier Outfit, you need to find seven (7) treasures near shipwrecks which are daily collectibles. There is only one (1) treasure per day and its spawn location changes each time.

There are thirty (30) possible treasure locations in the game, however, visiting each of these spots to check for the treasure would be time-consuming.

So, to easily find the treasure location of the day, you may visit the website gtaweb.eu to know the exact spawn spot of the treasure.

Based on the screenshot of the website above, all you have to do to locate the shipwreck treasure spawn of the day is to Hide all markers > Go to Daily Collectibles > Click on Shipwrecks.Doing this would show the spawn spot of the treasure.

Once you have reached the location of the treasure, you need to do the following steps first:

  1. Open interaction menu
  2. Set Spawn location to <Last Location>
  3. Equip and unequip the parachute to force save the game

Doing the above steps will let you spawn in the exact location where the treasure was every time you restart the game.

As soon as you have picked up the treasure, wait for the money reward to appear on the top right corner of the screen and then close the application.

When you restart the game, you should spawn where the treasure was and again the treasure would be available again. Repeat this process until you get 7/7 Outfit Scraps (found on the lower left of the screen).

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