Check this guide out if you want to buy the Up-n-Atomizer and Alien Weapons in GTA Online!

The Up-n-Atomizer, otherwise known as Raygun, is a small handheld futuristic blaster which fires a yellow glowing coil beam that explodes after a short time. It does not use traditional ammo but recharges its shot after 2 seconds instead. This and other alien weapons is no longer available in Ammunition but there is still a way to obtain them.

Check out below to know how to buy the Up-n-Atomizer and other Alien Weapons in GTA Online!

How To Buy Up-n-Atomizer & Alien Weapons in GTA Online

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If you want to buy the Up-n-Atomizer and other alien weapons such as Hellbringer and Widowmaker, you can purchase them from the agency.

However, you have to own an agency for this. You can purchase an agency and this will serve as the in-game location of the F. Clinton and Partner business where you can purchase more weapons.

There are also rumors that you can buy these weapons in the gun van that roams around Los Santos. This gun event will allow you to unlock special weapons as well such as the Railgun.

So, if you are meaning to buy these weapons when they are no longer available in Ammunition, you can do it like the guide above.  

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