Hard West 2: Combat Guide

Are you ready to learn some more tricks to win the battles in Hard West 2? From this Combat Guide, you’ll be able to learn some new tricks that will help you during the game.

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One of the main things is to know how to fight. Every battle will be a new experience lined in the row of fights. That means you need to prepare yourself well for every cost. Before you start there are some main rules and tricks that can help you easily pass all of the troubles that you need to face. So I suggest you read the text below and chose the tip that will match your need. Let’s start!

Combat Guide – Hard West 2

1. Tips About Bravado

This is a very important thing in the game, and what you need to follow in this case is the opponent’s HP range and use this as a resource or kill them.

You’ll be able to change character skills, change their position or even place them in another station.

Give the Bravado to characters who are falling behind just to get them some kind of backup.

2. Combat Tip 1 – The Power Of The Multi Attacks

At some point, the multi attacks will be the perfect saviors. You’ll be able to do these multi-attacks as much as you want to win the battles.

You’ll need to choose the proper weapon that can cover all of that. For example the coach gun can be the perfect match for that because of the openings and endings it contains.

And the sawed-off shotgun that will be able for you after accomplishing mission 4 will match this task too because of the bucket shot that can be repeated.

The Shadow Brush can be a well good match for the multi attacks and especially for hitting and crushing the walls.

And for the last one is the dead man’s revenge and the use of the dynamics.

You’ll be able to kill more people at one time, which is we all know really helpful.

3. Combat Tip 2 – The Priority of Enemies

 This one is focused on choosing the perfect time to kill your enemies and choosing the ones worth killing at the same moment or waiting for them to lose their strength while crushing around.

 Let them be the ones who chase you because that way you may easily lure them and stop them from getting you.

Be sure to fight the enemies that have lost a lot of their hit actions.

Use this order to kill your enemies while in a battle

  • Dynamite People
  • Enemies with special abilities
  • Range Shooters
  • Melee Warriors

4. Combat Trick 3 – The Use Of Shadow Swap

It can give you a really different vibe once you know how to swap the shadow during the game.

It’s the ability that’s really useful and one of the best you’ll ever get in this game.

This ability will give you the chance to swap characters and can be done once per turn unless you get a higher level of this ability. (Example she can do more swaps per turn)

Here are some situations in which you can use the shadow swap and be satisfied with what it can do:

  • To get another Ally into a good position – place it well
  • To get your enemies close to you so you can kill them – Lure
  • Like a way to move in huge distances
  • And To Get Flynn In a good position so – to have a better view (Mission 2)

5. Combat Tip 4 – Combo Shadow Swap + Riffle Trick

 If you want to increase the number of your victims or to defend yourself well then the wild buffalo rifle can do that instead of you.

The problem when you use all the other riffles is that you can’t move once you start to aim. (Unless you get Bravado)

If you get Flynn to shoot with this riffle you’ll be as well able to lure your enemies, she’ll be able to get herself in a good position. Get the weapon-lure-swap.

That way Gin will be able to use his rifle with the ability to move.

6. Combat Tip 5 – Dazing Enemies

 Some of the enemies may be hard to catch because of how big they are and your ability to run as well won’t be enough to skip the fight with them.

You just can choose and skip around this one until you get yourself in a safe place. Just select the Wild Run option and skip the upcoming damage.

This way you’ll stop your enemies from using their weapons which will get you plus time to skip it.

 If you haven’t the Wild Run option yet, there as well some weapons that will give you this ability for example the Gunshot club.

7. Combat Tip 6 – Take A Good Position

 Like a said at the beginning if you give your enemies priority and make them get to the place you want them to be and you have chosen your good position then no matter which way you want to fight them you’ll be able to strike them well.

You need to scan the situation well so you can choose the character that has the right abilities to skip the given attacks or situation. (Example Flynn and the ability for shadow swap)

 Get yourself hidden in a position with a great view and let your enemies get to you!

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