Hard West 2: Joker Cards Guide

Want to learn more about the joker cards in Hard West 2? Check out this guide to find out.

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Hard West 2 is filled with different collectibles and attachments for your characters. In your group, all of your characters can get certain bonuses by awarding them with different cards and traits. Some of these collectibles are also Joker Cards which you can obtain in the game and keep in your collectibles stash.

This guide will show you all you need to know about Joker Cards in Hard West 2.

Joker Cards Guide – Hard West 2

There are a total of 2 joker cards and both of them are located in secret areas in Chapter 2 and Chapter 3.

A developer has given hints about the Joker Cards in Hard West 2 that you must keep an eye on the “Wanted” posters inside the strategic map. There you need to choose wisely what you want to do.

The exact locations for the two joker cards are:

  • Black Joker Card: Found in Chapter 2, inside Trampletown, quest “Wanted: Edward Cullings”, need to pick Gin to play poker
  • Red Joker Card: Found Chapter 3, inside Devil’s Den, quest “Wanted: Abraham Burns”, need to pick Lazarus for exorcism (he needs to have loyalty level: friend)

Once you obtain these joker cards, you can get certain bonuses such as critical strike and extra damage to your characters.

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