Hard West 2: Ultimate Beginner Guide

Want to know what the best beginner tips and tricks are for Hard West 2? Check out this beginners guide!

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Hard West 2 is a great action role-playing game where you play as cowboys and capture different points. During your adventures, you will encounter many enemies which you must defeat in order to get to your desired areas. You will be given objectives for each area that you spawn into. Knowing the basics of the game is great if you want to play it smoothly!

This guide will show you the best beginner tips and tricks for Hard West 2!

Ultimate Beginner Guide – Hard West 2


Here are all of the classes that the game has to offer:

  • Gin Carter
  • Flynn
  • Laughing Deer
  • Old Man Bill
  • Cla’Lish
  • Lazarus

All of these characters can be put into a group. Your play style can determine which character you want to have on the battlefield.

It’s good to know that these characters can re-spawn immediately after they’ve been killed, this will allow you to keep your group up and running for a longer amount of time.

Action Points

Each character has 3 action points. Action Points are used for you to figure out the 3 moves that you want your characters to use in order to be as effective as possible against the enemy.

Action points can be restored once you’ve made a kill. Each kill will restore 1 action point. If you clear out a whole group, all of the action points will be restored, allowing you to proceed through the next level.

Camp & Story

At your camp, you can talk to your companions and increase your relationship with them. You can get relationship points by sticking along with a companion and agreeing to their conclusions.

Each choice you make in your camp with your companions will determine how the game will end and how the next challenges will go.

As you increase your relation with other companions, your character will obtain “Accomplice” points. These are loyalty points that you can obtain and spend on various items from NPCs.


Unlike other games where characters level up and gain more points, here you will not be able to level up and change the stats of your characters.

The only way to change some character stats and get certain bonuses is by messing around with the deck of cards. There are various cards that you can add to your cards slot and gain certain buffs on your character.

These cards can be obtained by progressing through the game and completing challenges. Each character can hold up to 5 cards. You get a bigger bonus if you have a certain row of cards, for example:

  • Have the same symbol
  • Have the same color
  • Have numbers of cards in a row
  • Have the same number

You can check all the traits that you can obtain under your skill. Simply hover over each trait to see the bonus and requirement.

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