Hardspace Shipbreaker: Beginner Tips & Tricks

Let’s learn the Beginner Tips And Tricks in Hardspace Shipbreaker!

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This is a mesmerizing anti-puzzle game that isn’t afraid to tackle serious topics like workers’ rights and unionization, even if it has to be a little repetitive to accomplish that. In this guide, you can learn some beginner tips and tricks. Because this guide contains pieces of advice for every ship, you will prepare yourself for playing the game properly.

Hardspace Shipbreaker: Beginner Tips & Tricks

Your Grapple as Traveling Tool

The very first thing you need to know is that your Grapple is not only a tool that allows you the hit the heavy stuff around you.

You can put down your grapple and also the right mouse button, and you can go towards that object. Watch out for your thruster speed, because as soon as it goes red he’ll suffer damage if you bump into something.

Use this method to traverse space very fast and you can enter the ship after only a few upgrades on your grapple. You can also use this method to easily get yourself back into the kiosk.

The Use Of Jaxes

You can use The Jaxes for transferring big objects from one place to another. Because of their structure, they can hold up the big things you need to haul.

To attach the stuff onto them and you can easily move them no matter how big they are. You can toss these stuff into the furnace or the processor, or they will help you get access to another part of the ship.

You Got Hands And Several Things You Can Do  With Them

It’s a common thing to don’t know about this. Just hold the X key and you will see your hand.

First, you can transport yourself from one object to another by using your hands, and that’s very important because you will save fuel. Despite that this way of transferring yourself has a high detection rate of distance.

Also, you can use your hand to hold yourself if there is a decrement decompressing compartment.

The one good thing is that there is no limit from where you can reach the objects, so just click on them and you will have yourself stuck to them.

Basic Ship Anatomy

So every ship is different but they have several things in common. So first they have an outer hall, an engine part, and a cockpit part, also some sort of interior pat.

You will need to find the best way that fit your style, so you can organize your ship extremely well.

Use them so that will give you advantages.

The Use Of The Tethers

You only need to right-click on the mouse and use the tethers to move all the heavy objects. They are more effective than all the other things for moving objects because they are designed to do it easier and faster.

The good thing is that you can use them excessively because refreshing them is so easy. You only need to go to the kiosk and recharge them, and all that for a small amount of money.

If you have clicked the right button, but also you have changed your mind about using the tether, click on the Y button and you will cancel the connection.

If you are not currently using the tethers and you click the Y button you will cut all of the hanging tethers, so be careful and also experimental to find out the way for cutting the specific one.

Laser Cutting – Fast And Safe Laser Cutting

You have two options when it comes to choosing your laser type and that’s the cop/saw and the point laser.

When using the Point laser, be sure that there aren’t any other things in between, because the laser will burn all the objects on its way pointing the aim. Especially, watch the fuel barrels and always make a clear target.

With this laser, you can also cut more than one thing with one shot. Just hold the control while firing so you don’t suffer from the backdraft. 

Also watch out for the thruster fuel and oxygen bottles when firing, because there are many places on the ship.

A point laser is a safe tool, but when using the other one is when you need or want to do the stuff very quickly.

Choosing the right angles reduces damage and it will do the cutting faster.

Upgrade Preferences

The equipment upgrade is made here on the table shown in the following picture.

The most humble upgrades to the lase lie in the heat capacity. You can destroy hard stuff and aim further with it.

Also for the Grapple, it is better to have more strength and upgrades, also the stronger thrusters allow you to push stuff easier.

 Also for the thrusters fuel capacity is important as the fast speed and ability to move the objects.

If you have spared some tokens invest them in your helmet and into your oxygen capacity. The more you invest the longer you going to use it.

If you use the scanner I suggest investing in things that will make its frame stronger, so it won’t damage itself while scanning denger objects.

For the work suit, a suggest you go for the low tier upgrades because here in this game they go the long way and don’t cost maly links tokens.

To sum up, about the equipment upgrade I suggest investing in the thruster, the grapple, and the laser.

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