Wondering which mode you can play in HAWKED?

Just like every other Battle Royale game, HAWKED also introduces different game modes that you can play. The game is new and there are going to be many upcoming game modes you can play and have fun.

Time to see what are the current modes that you can play in HAWKED.

Modes You Can Play – HAWKED

Currently in HAWKED there are two game modes that you can play, they are:

  • Lone Hunter (Solo)
  • Treasure Hunt (Trio)

Lone Hunter (Solo Mode) is for everyone who joins the game and there you will play solo, meaning that once you get hit, you will not be knocked down, you instantly get eliminated from the game.

In Treasure Hunt (Trio Mode) you get to go in a party with your friends or if you decide to start a trios match alone, you will be teamed up with random players that have also queued up for a match.

We believe that in the near future HAWKED will get a bunch of different unique game modes and players will have more opportunities to have fun.

I hope this guide informed you what the modes are that you can play in HAWKED. Stay tuned for more!

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