If Helldivers 2 has some capacity issues, this guide will help you sort it!

Helldivers II is one of those rare types of games that you can just play with your buddies until early in the morning without caring about whether you have to go to work or school because it’s so fun that it just takes your mind off of your responsibilities.

CoD Zombies, Left 4 Dead, Risk of Rain 2, and a few other games have managed to capture this kind of feeling within me and my friends… but what happens when one of you can’t log in because of a server-side issue, or a bug, or an error? That’s where this guide comes in!

How To Fix Defrosting Helldiver/Servers At Capacity Issue In Helldivers 2

The Issue

Helldivers II works flawlessly on the PS5. None of my friends have reported any kind of bugs or issues with the game, and as far as I can tell – there have been very few reports of people having issues online.

However, Steam or rather PC, is a different beast. While Steam as a platform is amazing, they aren’t usually responsible for errors for “Third-Party” games like Helldivers II.

However, you can fix this Defrosting/Servers at capacity error, even though it may seem at first that it is “Server-related”.

How to fix Defrosting/Servers at capacity Error

You probably didn’t expect it to be this easy, but it is – Just verify your file integrity. Now, if you’re new to Steam, haven’t done this before, or just need a refresher – it’s really easy to do.

Just exit Helldivers II and go into your library, right click on Helldivers II, go to Properties > Installed Files > Verify Integrity of Game Files and once that’s done, you should be able to enter Helldivers II without any issues.

IF, however, the same issue occurs – you might have to uninstall then redownload the game instead.

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