Here is the Mech EXO-45 showcase!

Mechs are awesome. If you think they aren’t, then you’re just objectively wrong. I remember the first time I watched Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gundam, and most recently – Gurren Lagann – and all of them are amazing shows that skyrocketed my love for mechs.

Then came along Warhammer 40K and Armored Core, and that love was even more solidified… and while the Exosuits in Helldivers 2 are far from being these massive, towering weapons of destruction from these other series, they still make you feel as if you are as you squash bugs and aliens alike in one of them… and here’s a preview of the EXO-45 Patriot.

Mech EXO-45 Patriot Exosuit Showcase In Helldivers 2

The EXO-45 Patriot

This bad boy comes with two weapons of mass destruction – one for the big boys such as the Bile Titan and the other for swarms of enemies.

The Missile Launcher

You only get 14 Rockets per Mech, so use them wisely as the Mech has a 10 Minute cooldown once you summon it.

However, the rockets have quite a lot of destructive power and can even take down brutes such as Hulks.

The Gattling Gun

While the left arm is equipped with the heavy-duty Missile Launcher, the right arm is equipped with… a heavy-duty gattling gun that’s capable of as much destruction, but for a different purpose.

While not that great against the big enemies, it can eradicate swarms in seconds.

Be Careful

The EXO-45 Patriot is an amazing weapon of destruction, but it comes with a heavy price.

You can only summon two per mission and you have no way of restocking the limited ammo it has. Not only that, but they are a glass-cannon.

If you get overrun, the Mech will easily get destroyed even by the smaller aliens.

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