Hello Neighbor 2: Cash Register Puzzle Guide (All Buttons Locations Day 2)

Let’s find All Buttons and Solve the Cash Register Puzzle in Hello Neighbor 2!

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Hello Neighbor 2 is a stealth horror game in which you are going to dig up your neighbors’ secrets inside their houses. As you come to the bakery house, you will have to solve plenty of puzzles. There is a cash register in the store which is missing some button, and you will need to find the buttons around the house in order to open it.

In this guide, we will show you how to find all buttons and solve the Cash Register Puzzle in Hello Neighbor 2!

Cash Register Puzzle Guide (All Buttons Locations Day 2) – Hello Neighbor 2

There are 4 buttons that are missing on the cash register 1, 5, 6, and 7.

Missing Button #7

The first button that you can find is number 7. To find it, you have to go to the second floor by using the outside ladder on the side of the house. Here you will enter a big room and all you need to do is to find the missing clock needle.

You can find it stitched inside the curtain on the window. Use your scissor and cut it to get the missing clock needle.

Now, you have to place it back on the clock and set the right time. You can see the right time on the digital clocks all around the room. After you set the clock, it will open the small storage on it, and here you will find the missing button number 7.

Missing Button #5

To find this button, you need to use the boiler to water up the plant and make it grow.

The boiler is located in the bathroom on the second floor of the house, but first, you will need to find the spinny wheel handle and attach it to the boiler to be able to activate it.

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Follow the tube from the boiler that will bring you to the plant on the balcony. Use your scissor to trim it and inside the plant you will find the missing button number 5.

Missing Button #1

In order to find the missing button number 1, you will have to steal the refrigerator key. To do that, you will need to carefully follow the bakery woman, and steal it from her pocket.

Once you have the key, go open the fridge, and there you will need to pick up the fish and give it to the cap in the other room.

Because the button is under the cat in her slipping pillow, place the fish into her plate, and it will stand up to eat and then you will be able to pick up the missing button.

 Missing Button #6

The last missing button number 6 is hidden inside the big book with a lock that is sitting on the table on the second floor. To open the book, first, you need to find the key which is stuck in an ice cube.

The ice cube can be found inside the freezer in the bakery store.

Pick up the ice cube, and place it in the fire. It will make it melt down, but you will have to use the fire extinguisher for the fire and then you can pick up the key.

Now, once you have the key, go upstairs to the room where the book is and open it with the key where you will find your missing button number 6.

Having all the buttons, you can place them back on the cash register, but to open it and solve the puzzle, you will have to know the 4-digit code which can be found on the poster on the wall next to the cash register.

The code is 1576, and once you type it, the cash register will open, and you will find another item that will bring you to the next step of your investigation.

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