Hello Neighbor 2: Climber Trophy Guide (Night 2-4)

Check out this guide and discover how to get the Climber Trophy in Hello Neighbor 2!

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Hello Neighbor 2 it’s a family-horror game where you’ll be able to discover your neighbor’s darkest secrets through different tasks and achievements. On all levels (nights), there are hidden and regular trophies you get as a reward for the successfully completed mission. One of them it’s the Climber Trophy, and if you haven’t got him yet then this guide can show you how to do it! Let’s start!

Climber Trophy Guide (Night 2-4) – Hello Neighbor 2

This Trophy can be yours between night 2 and night 4. You’ll get the chance to grab him in between these nights starting from the Museum.

Once you’re there just go inside to start the adventure.

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To get this trophy, you’ll need to climb on the roof and then touch the top of the chimney. Use the living room stairs to get to the door that will lead you to the roof path.

Be careful he’s there on the sofa!

Use the crowbar to crack the door.

Climb on the side house stairs, and once you are there just use the small pair of stairs to get on the chimney and the Climber trophy is all yours. Congrats!

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