Check out this guide and discover how to get the Dog Person Trophy in Hello Neighbor 2!

Hello Neighbor 2 it’s a family-horror game where you’ll be able to discover your neighbor’s darkest secrets through different tasks and achievements. On all levels (nights), there are hidden and regular trophies you get as a reward for the successfully completed mission. One of them it’s the Dog Person Trophy, and if you haven’t got him yet then this guide can show you how to do it! Let’s start!

Dog Person Trophy Guide – Hello Neighbor 2

At night 4, you’ll be able to get the Dog Person Trophy. You need to go to the big white-statue house and jump inside.

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Enter the living room and from there go inside the kitchen to grab the extinguisher hidden on the wall, like it’s shown in the pictures below.

Then go through the blue door to enter the backyard, use the extinguisher to put out the fire on the grill and grab the steak.

Once you got the steak, go back in the front yard. You’ll see the little doggy standing there, just put the steak inside his plate and the Dog Person Trophy is all yours.

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