Hello Neighbor 2: How To Escape The Museum (Night 4)

Trying to escape the museum in Night 4 in Hello Neighbor 2? Check out this guide to see step by step how you can do it!

While playing Hello Neighbor 2 there will be lots of times when you will need to confuse the Neighbor by doing some cheesy tactics and strategies. In the Museum night 4, you shall need to do the same.

In this guide, we will show you what that strategy is and how you can pass the level without getting caught. Let’s get started.

How to Escape The Museum (Night 4) – Hello Neighbor 2

You will need to come to the fireplace area that is just under the stairs.

Once here you will be looking for these holes that are shown in the picture above. Here you will be able to go left and right until you will wait for the Neighbor to come to you.

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You will need to do a fair bit of waiting here so that the neighbor that messes up his time of pathfinding starts to remain in this room for longer periods of time.

After the Neighbor will be stuck in front of the fireplace, you will need to go around from the other hole and pick up the Fire extinguisher. Once you have it you will open up the Fireplace’s gate and then just use this device on it to extinguish it.

Once you will extinguish it you will pick up the Key that is hanging just on top of the fire. This key is necessary for your final escape.

Now you will just have to do a fair bit of moving left and right to get the Neighbor confused.

Once you will be sure that he is out of the room and possibly on the second floor, you will run to the door and unlock the door.

You will then just run back to the hole that you were in. Watch for the Neighbor once again and come back here to escape with the boy. It is as easy as that!

We hope that this guide has been useful and helped you out on how to complete and Escape the Museum in Night 4.

Have fun and good luck doing it yourself!

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