Hello Neighbor 2: How To Get All 3 Gears (Tutorial)

Let’s find out How To Get All 3 Gears in the Tutorial in Hello Neighbor 2!

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Hello Neighbor 2 is a horror game in which you have to solve plenty of puzzles while investigating the houses of your neighbors and revealing the secrets and mysteries that they are hiding. It’s a perfect game for those who like to solve puzzles, and also in the game can be found some tutorials that will help you learn how to solve some of the puzzles.

In this guide, we will show you How to Get All 3 Gears in the Tutorial in Hello Neighbor 2!

How To Get All 3 Gears (Tutorial) – Hello Neighbor 2

In the tutorial for the gears in Hello Neighbor 2, you have to find all the missing gears in order to open the gate and complete the tutorial.

Next to the gate, you will see a plate with colored gears on it, and there are three missing gears, green, blue, and red.

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The first, blue gear can be found in the locked room at the left side of the gate. To unlock it, you need to use the key on the hanger next to the door.

Inside the room, you will see the blue gear on top of the table. Pick it up and place it back on its blue spot on the gears plate.

After that, you can easily find the green gear inside the frame covered with glass in the other side of the room. It can be easily noticed by the green box under it.

You must break the glass first so you can pick up the yellow gear and then place it back in its position.

The last red gear can be found in the attic. To get there, you have to use the ladder which is at the back of the building. Go through the garage, and there you will see a small passage where you have to break the red wooden sheet.

From here, you will come directly to the ladder, climb on the attic and on top of the small table you will find the red gear.

Bring it back to the plate with gears and pull down the lever. The mechanism will start working and the gate will open so you can get out and the tutorial will be completed.

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