Hello Neighbor 2: Museum Bookshelf Puzzle Guide

Here you can find how to Solve Museum Bookshelf Puzzle in Hello Neighbor 2!

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Playing as a journalist, in Hello Neighbor 2 you are going to investigate some of the secrets of your neighbors that are hiding inside their houses. There are plenty of puzzles that has to be solved in order to unlock the next step and find some hidden items that will bring you closer to reveal the truth.

In this guide, we will show you how to solve Museum Bookshelf Puzzle in Hello Neighbor 2!

Museum Bookshelf Puzzle Guide – Hello Neighbor 2

Inside the Museum in Hello Neighbor 2, you will come to the bookshelf that is missing some books on it. To solve this puzzle, actually you have to find the missing books and place it back in the bookshelf.

After solving this puzzle, you will be able to get the hidden Stuffed Boar head which is needed for the next puzzle.

The book that you need to find is located in the locked bathroom in the corner of the second floor of the museum. To open the room, you will need to use your wrench tool.

And then inside the bathroom, the book will be sitting on top of the toilet sit. Pick up the book and bring it back to the bookshelf.

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Once you place the book in the bookshelf, the next thing is to pull down some of the books. There are three books with a specific symbol on them that has to be pulled down. You have to look for fire, flower, and planet symbols on the books.

After you pull down these three books, part of the bookshelf will open there you will get the stuffed boar head.

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