Hello Neighbor 2: Museum Safe Code (Night 3)

Here you can find the Museum Safe Code (Night 3) in Hello Neighbor 2!

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In the museum in Hello Neighbor 2 you will have to solve plenty of puzzles and try not to be caught by Mr. Peterson. As you explore and investigate the room, you will come to a mysterious safe that is hiding something suspicious inside. To open the save, you will have to solve another puzzle that will help you to find out the code.

In this guide, we will show you the Museum Safe Code (Night 3) in Hello Neighbor 2!

Museum Safe Code (Night 3) – Hello Neighbor 2

In order to find the code of the safe in the museum, you will have to solve the puzzle with the floor clock.

All you need to do is to find the three missing gears from the clock and place them back to make it work. Then, once the clock is activated, it will be stuck at a specific time which is 11:35.

This number 1135 is actually the code that you need to type on the safe and unlock it.

To find out how to solve the floor clock puzzle, you can check our guide here.

Once you have got the code, go back in the room where the safe is, and type the code. The safe will open and there you will find a mysterious camera that will bring you to the next step of your investigation.

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