Hello Neighbor 2: Toy Car Puzzle Guide (Battery Location)

Check out this guide to see where the toy car battery can be located in Hello Neighbor 2!

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Darn it with these new neighbors! Always up to something, but it’s rather scary sometimes. Let’s check and sneak inside their houses and see what they are doing, try to not get caught, or you may end up in big trouble. These houses are filled with traps and have hidden items inside. It’s up to you to find them all and reveal the neighbor’s secrets.

This guide will show you where you can get the battery for the toy car in Hello Neighbor 2.

Toy Car Puzzle Guide (Battery Location) – Hello Neighbor 2

To find the battery for the toy car puzzle, you need to go inside the house that has police tape all over the staircase.

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Use the scissors to cut through the police tape and go up top.

Once you are in the upper floor, take the first room on your left side and inside that room, you will find a wooden box that has a switch inside.

Take the switch from the box and place it on the wall right between the entrance from the door and the bookshelf which will reveal a hidden room.

Inside this room, you will find the battery that is behind some cobwebs. Again, use your scissors here to cut through the cobweb and get your battery.

Once you have the battery in your hand, head over to the toy car and power it up. It will go under the bed and come back with a key. That key will help you unlock one of the four locks in the basement!

We hope this guide helped you find the battery and power up the toy car to get the secret key in Hello Neighbor 2. Good luck now!

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