Let’s find out Where to Follow The Paper Planes and Solve Night 1 in Hello Neighbors 2!

In Hello Neighbor 2, you are going to investigate each of your neighbors’ houses and try to reveal the secrets they hide by solving plenty of puzzles. Each day and night has a different storyline that has to be followed in order to open the next objectives. At Night 1, you will have to find and follow the paper planes that will bring you a step closer to revealing the truth.

This guide will help you find Where to Follow The Paper Planes and Solve Night 1 in Hello Neighbor 2!

Where To Follow The Paper Planes Guide – Hello Neighbor 2

As you are completing the objectives and doing your investigation of your neighbors, the end of the day will come and you have to conclude the night with another puzzle which is a bit tricky to find.

The moment when you are done with the blue Policeman’s house, at the back of the house you will find paper planes. All you need to do is to keep on following the paper planes.

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Following the paper planes on the ground, you will get to the street where you have to continue straight between the green and small blue house from the other side of the street.

Follow the path between the houses, and take the first right path that will bring you to the upper road.

From here, continue slightly right through the wooden bridge and keep on following the path through the stars that will bring you directly to the museum.

Once you get to the entrance of the museum, you will have to pick up the shovel and suddenly will lose consciousness and fall to the ground.

This will solve Night 1 and then you will wake up the next day and have to continue the adventure of solving the new puzzles and mysteries.

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