Do you know how to get Bombarda in Hogwarts Legacy? Read this guide and find out!

Are you ready to learn the new damage spell?

Bombarda is one of the spells that you will learn and use to crush objects and defeat enemies. This spell comes as a reward once you accomplish the assignments given by one of the Professors in Hogwarts Legacy. It`s simple, you just need to follow the instructions and use the correct magic spells. Simple as that! Let`s not waste any time and learn the Bombarda spell.

How to get Bombarda? – Find Out!

Bombarda is a magic spell that comes as a reward once you do the assignments given by Professor Howin.

The very first thing you need to do is acquire Diricawl and then do the same thing to the Giant Purple Toad.

The first part of the assignment starts at this place on the map:

You`ll need the disillusionment spell and the nab-sack to get both of the objects. Get prepared!

Come close enough and grab one of them!

To get the Giant Purple Toad you need to go here:

Same spells, same procedure!

Before you talk with the professor, you need to attend Veasts Class during the day to learn the Bombarda spell.

Bombarda! And all of the barricades are gone. Enjoy and make some damage around!

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