Check out the South Wing Faculty Tower Symbol Door Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy!

The castle in Hogwarts Legacy is so big that you can lose yourself while trying to discover every single corner of it. Some of the doors are locked, and as you interact with them, you will face a puzzle that needs to be solved in order to unlock the mysterious door.

In this guide, we will show you the South Wing Faculty Tower Symbol Door Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy!

The South Wing Faculty Tower Symbol Door Puzzle Guide

This Symbol Door Puzzle can be found in the Faculty Tower which is shown on the image below.

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Make your way to the second floor in the South Wing Faculty Tower, and in front of you in the hallway you will find the door with symbols on the door arch. After you interact with the door, two number puzzles will appear on the door.

To solve this puzzle, you will have to make the right combination of numbers and symbols that correspond to a specific number and when you add up all three of them, it will be equal to the number in the middle of the puzzle.

For this door puzzle, we need numbers 13 and 14.

The symbols on the door arch count from 0 to 9, starting from the bottom left and going to the bottom right.

For the first puzzle, you need to roll the question mark that can be found on the wall at the left side of the door to the exact symbol as it’s shown on the image below.

For the second puzzle you will need to roll the other question mark which can be found on the right side of the door, on the wall next to the fence. Make sure to choose the following symbol.

Once you match these two symbols on the question marks, you will be able to open the puzzle door and continue forward with your exploration where you can find some of the valuable treasures.

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