Check out this guide to learn how to AFK farm Azeos in Core Keeper!

Azeos in Core Keeper is one of the late-game bosses that you need to spawn. He is located in the furthest area of the core and will require a lot of exploring in order to be found. There is an interesting way in AFK killing Azeos which will grant you a ton of new items that you can use to upgrade your character and be even stronger.

This guide will show you how to AFK farm Azeos in Core Keeper!

How to AFK farm Azeos: Core Keeper

Once you find the arena where Azeos is, you want to locate the center of the arena and make this exact schematic of spikes as shown on the image.

You want to leave a 4 block space in the center where you can place the egg.

This part is very important. You want to make a 18 blocks diagonal line from the center. The spike blocks are also included in these 18 block radius.

This method will put you in the middle zone where Azeos will not despawn and the chances are low of him attacking you.

You will also need any type of food that will give you a movement speed buff and make you faster. This is needed so you are able to run away to the 18th block as fast as possible so you don’t get damaged.

Simply place the egg and run away as fast as possible. When you reach the 18th block, wait for the music to begin to guarantee that the boss is taunted on you and will move to your location.

Some lightning will also be seen if on the side from where the boss is, don’t worry about that.

After some time the boss should die automatically and you can simply move to the middle and loot the chest that he spawns on death.

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