Time to learn all the mechanics of the Dark Claw boss in Warrior Mode in Souldiers!

Souldiers is a great game that comes with a ton of interesting bosses which all have unique mechanics and are part of the story missions. The Dark Claw boss is a unique ninja boss that will give you some troubles as you fight him. Knowing his mechanics is key for a smooth and flawless victory!

This guide will show you how to defeat the Dark Claw Boss in Warrior Mode in Souldiers.

Souldiers: How to Defeat the Dark Claw Boss in Warrior Mode

Once you reach his arena, the boss will come at you with several mechanics that you need to watch out for.

The first and most common mechanic that he will perform on you is his basic claw swipe. The boss will do a combo of 3 claw strikes.

After the first ability, he will begin speeding up and dash towards you and follow up with claw strikes.

Once you get the boss under 50% health, he will get to one of the corners of the arena and begin shooting out claw projectiles that can damage you, a great way to dodge these is to get on the higher platform and evade as much as you can.

At 30% health, the boss will get to one of the corners of the area and enrage, as he is enraged, he will charge to the other side of the arena and leave a trail of explosives on the ground. Jump higher from the upper platform to dodge them.

On the last phase, his robot head ally will get to the middle of the arena and shoot out a laser beam which is going counter-clockwise. Simply go to the area where the laser is not hitting and continue damaging the boss until you defeat him.

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