Going up against the flying Mecha Birk Boss now? Check out this guide to learn all the mechanics of the Mecha Birk Boss in Warrior Mode in Souldiers.

Souldiers is a great game that comes with a ton of interesting bosses which all have unique mechanics and are part of the story missions. The Mecha Birk boss is a flying robot bird that will give you a hard time catching up to him and even defeat him.

This guide will show you how to defeat the Mecha Birk Boss in Warrior Mode in Souldiers.

Souldiers: How to Defeat the Mecha Birk Boss in Warrior Mode

The most common ability that you will see from this boss is his flying charge that follows up with two arm swings that will deal damage if they hit you, dodge this ability by sliding away from the arm swing.

His next ability will make a yellow outline of the boss and move him to one of the borders of the arena. He will then charge a fast fist charge that will lead to the other side of the arena. Dodge this ability by double jumping and dashing in the air to have more air time.

Sometimes, his double arm swipe will follow up with a yellow character outline that charges him and powers up his next attack.

Getting the boss below 50% health will allow him to use his next ability which makes him glow red and slam the ground, dealing AOE damage. Dodge this attack by sliding on each side away from the slam.

At 30% health, he will charge up with purple energy and begin spawning energy balls that are connected with each other through lightning. Dodge the ability by going in between each of the balls.

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