How to Find the “Stormy” Marker: Roblox

Let’s find the Stormy Marker in Roblox!

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The Stormy marker in Roblox is a hidden interactable item that you need to use and find. In order to find the object, you must go through a hidden passage on the map and jump around an obstacle course. For many players, this can be a difficult task, as they don’t know exactly where to go.

This guide will show you how to find the Stormy marker in Roblox.

How to Find the “Stormy” Marker: Roblox

Once you have joined the map, you will need to go inside the square wooden box through the entrance with some dark oak planks.

Once you are inside, walk towards the campfire and you will find yourself teleported to the upper floor of the house.

Once you are on the top floor, you will find yourself in a yellow room with a pressure plate on the ground, simply begin jumping on the pressure plate to get to the chimney.

On top of the chimney, you will see some black faded blocks that you can jump onto and climb all the way to the top. Get to the top, and you will be teleported above the clouds.

When you are on the cloud, slowly make your way to the edge of it until you find some green ladders.

When you drop down, you will see a yellow shiny line that connects to the Stormy object, follow the line and jump around the yellow barricade to get to the object.

Make sure to not fall down and be careful. And just like that, you will be able to reach and unlock the Stormy Marker in Roblox.

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