How To Fix The Frozen Time Bug: Dying Light 2

Tired of the frozen time bug in Dying Light2? Time to fix it!

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The Frozen Time Bug has been an often thing that players have encountered before the latest update of Dying Light 2. This bug occurs at the end of the game. You simply beat the game and at the end when you want to continue playing a free roam mode, the game timer freezes and you cannot do anything.

This guide will show you how to fix the frozen time bug in Dying Light 2.

How To Fix The Frozen Time Bug: Dying Light 2

When you beat the game, after the update, the timer freezes to 12 o’clock, and nothing else will happen.

The bug prevents you from resting and it’s always daytime.

There are two ways to fix this bug, the first method is to start a new game plus, which will fix the timer but will freeze it once you beat the game again.

The second method to fix the frozen timer is to go to the Hound Field Area and search for the Double Time side quest.

If you cannot find the quest by yourself, you will need to find someone online who has the quest and help you do it together.

Begin the simple quest where you will do a few objectives and follow the quest mark. Once you reach the end of the quest, the clock will begin to work again.

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